Killian McHugh, commercial Casting Director, creator of Killian's Workshop, began working in commercial casting in 2000. He has worked in most of the top commercial offices in Los Angeles, and worked with most of the top commercial directors as either an on-camera principle actor or through the casting process. In 2005, he found his home at AHC Inc. He quickly became their "No.1" session director. In 2006 He founded Killian's workshop with the sole purpose of revealing the knowledge he had learned from casting thereby empowering his fellow actors during their auditioning process. Having seen literally thousands of auditions, Killian realized there was a great disconnect between what casting was actually looking for and what the actor THOUGHT casting was looking for!

The results have been a virtual phenomenon. Since its founding, Killian's Workshop has helped hundreds of actors book commercials resulting in millions of dollars in residuals for the working actor. In 2010 he was promoted from session director to casting director within the AHC Inc. organization and also that same year,Killian's Workshop was voted "Best Commercial Workshop" by the Backstage West readers poll and Killian himself was voted "Best Workshop Teacher" in that same poll. In 2012 he appeared in MTV's Made as the "go to guy" if you want to book commercials in Los Angeles. In 2014 he appeared on Conan O'Brien's show as his Acting coach and the bit was named an "Instant classic" by the Huffington Post. It has received nearly 3 million hits on YouTube! In 2016 Killian opened his own studio on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood!