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Before you send us a message, read through our frequently asked questions.

How do I register for a workshop?
You must register online via the website. Open the tab titled “Classes”; a page will open with all of our classes offered and a description of each one. Under each description is a tab which will lead you to our terms and conditions. Once you agree to said terms you will be lead to a page that will allow to select a number of classes offered for that workshop. Classes labeled “Class Filled” are sold out. Those with a tab labeled “Add to Cart” are still available for registration.

Which workshop is right for me?
In most cases you know the answer to this better than we do. Under the tab labeled “Classes” is a description for each workshop we offer AND a video from Killian personally.  Reviewing the descriptions combined with your current experience you should be able to figure out which class is best for you. Choose the class that best suits you at this current time in your career.

When are classes offered/available? What class did I register for? When do I start?
All of our workshops are 4 week workshops that meet once a week for 4 weeks back to back. This means they start and end every month. Once you choose a workshop and agree to our terms and conditions you will be lead to a page with up coming classes. This is where you will choose your specific class month and day of the week in which you will attend. All classes with a tab labeled “Add to Cart” are available for registration. Before you “Add to Cart” be sure to look over the Month, Day of the week, Start date,  &Time!!! Please be sure to make note of this information before you register; every class offered has this information available to you before you push “add to cart”, so knowing your start date and time is your responsibility!

Do you have a wait list? Can I get on the wait list?
Our wait list is only for people already registered for a class. Meaning, they have already paid in full or have paid a 50% payment in order to reserve a spot in a future workshop. Once you have done this you can call or reply to your confirmation email requesting to be added to the wait list for classes that start prior to your current registered class start date.

Where are you located? What is your address?
We are located one block from the Santa Monica and La Brea intersection; Hollywood/West Hollywood adjacent. The address is sent in a confirmation email to those who have completed the registration and payment process.

What are my Payment options?
You must register online via the website which is also where you will give a payment. Everyone will have the option to pay in full or give a 50% down payment. For those who opt the 50% payment the remainder of your balance will be taken up on the night/day of your first class when you arrive and sign in.  We accept cash, check or credit.  Please understand there is a fee for credit card payments.  If you wish to avoid the fee, bring cash or check.  The check should be made to Killian McHugh and please have exact amount if you are paying cash.  We are a casting office, not a bank :)

What is your cancelation and refund Policy?
In order to cancel your workshop and receive a full refund, or reschedule your workshop to a later month you MUST inform us and send in your request no later than 72 hours prior to your first class starting. This is very important! If you fail to meet the 72 hour notice you are no longer eligible for a refund or a rescheduling of your workshop. This is stated in the terms and conditions and must be agreed upon before registration.

Do you offer private coaching sessions? When are your private coaching sessions? How much are private sessions?
Private coaching sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00noon, 1:00p.m, and 2:00p.m. They are $100 for the hour and you keep a dvd of our work together.   You must schedule for the hour; we do not offer a smaller time slot. We also do not do group sessions. This is only for a private one-on-one coaching session. You do not need to prepare anything prior to your session. You must call the office line to schedule; you usually book out a month or two in advance so do not wait until the last minute and expect to get in that week.

Can I make up a missed class?
The make-up policy is subject to Killian's discretion & will only be considered if the missed class is due to a booking where you will be on set. Outside of these circumstances a fee may be applied to the make-up class. This is stated in the terms and conditions and must be agreed upon before registration.

Can I get a copy of my recorded audition from my final class.
No. None of the spots we do in class are available for any students.  Workshop auditions do not "count" for your reel, you will see what you did in real time and we will work together during the workshop time slot to better your career.